fulcrum (fulkrum)          

- a point on which the lever rotates

gear ratio         

- gear ratio in a bicycle is the ratio of the size of a chain wheel or paddle wheel gear to that of 
  free wheel gear

lever  (tuas)               

- a rigid body that is supported at a point called fulcrum

pulley (takal)            

- a grooved wheel with a chain or rope passing round it

screw   (skru)          

- a piece of metal with a special spiral inclined plane and a sharp tip

wedge    (baji)        

- a metal or wood that has an inclined plane on one or both of its surfaces

wheel   (roda)        

- a cylindrical object or circular object that rotates about the axis of a cylinder


- distance between two peaks of the thread of a screw

axle  (gandar)           

- rigid rod that goes through the centre of the wheel and lies along the cylinder axis

wheel and axle (roda dan gandar)

- a type of simple machine that is made up of a wheel which turns an attached rod or an axle


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